Restaurant with In-flight Menu in Ground


Air Asia, the largest airline in Malaysia, is set to open a new restaurant, Santan, which would include all its in-flight meals.

The decision to open a new fast-food joint was taken by the airline authorities after its popularity of its in-flight meals. The restaurant will be named Santan, which means coconut milk in Malay, one of the main ingredients of cooking in south-east Asia.

Tony Fernandes, Air Asia Group CEO, told Larry King on Larry King Now, said: “Our food is fantastic, we believe in it so much that we’re going to start a fast-food restaurant out of it. It’s called Santan. We pride ourselves in serving a wide range of meals that celebrate the cuisines and cultures of the Asian region and beyond.”

Air Asia launched Santan airline in-flight menu in 2015, which is low-cost menu focused for economy flight passengers. This menu is praised for its sustainable and planned budget in business. The popular dishes include chicken teriyaki, Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak and a mapo tofu.

 The airline is hoping for huge profit margins, with its brand Santan, in ground as well as in the air. The unique characteristic of the fast-food outlet might attract customers as the owners of Air Asia believe. They have planned the menu, keeping the cost affordable while without compromising on the quality and standards of the dishes and menu. The launch date is not yet revealed by the airline company.

“The flavor, profile, and pricing of in-flight food have always been a challenge but we believe that with Santan, we can create the first restaurant brand in the sky that is both tasty and affordable, explains Fernandes.

We believe a restaurant in ground with in-flight menu will be an attractive and adventurous feature for travelers to taste their food menu before boarding the flight.

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